I was 8 years old when I started ponyriding. From the first lesson onwards, I was in love. After a few years of riding at a riding school, I had the opportunity to ride and help out at a private stable. 
I adored it! Being outdoors the entire day, taking care of the horses, riding them. I rode a gorgeous Friesian horse there for a few years, Wiebe. He stole my heart from the moment he arrived at the stable. 

His owner later moved him to a different stable and he got moved again and I lost track of him. It broke my heart. Because the bond you have with that one special horse, is unlike anything else. After Wiebe, I got to ride a grey horse, Toon. Toon came with an instruction manual but I learned how to read it :-)

Then I started having too many back issues and had to give up riding. Life moves along and I still adored horses but didn't ride for many years. Until I went to the White Stallion Ranch in Arizona on vacation and got back in the saddle. In a Western saddle no less!
I completely found my groove again with horses and riding and realised how much I'd missed riding all those years. At the Ranch I also met my dream horse. A black Mustang named Ocho. I absolutely adore him!

The strong bond and connection that I got with Ocho in a very short amount of time, is what gave me the push to officially start doing equine photography too.
My love for horses runs very deep and nothing makes me happier than documenting the love between a human and their horse but also to capture horses 
as they truly are.
Someone told me about a photo that I had taken of Ocho that I had captured his soul, that that image is SO Ocho. 
That's my goal with my photography, to document the love and bond but also the purity and honesty of a horse. 







essential oils

Meet the CEO's of the company: Bash & Keira. I couldn't live without dogs by my side

Need I say more? <3

Such beautiful products that I use on a daily basis for everything and anything.






cowboy boots

Nature and beautiful, natural light are great sources of inspiration for me. I love photographing in natural environments.

It's the only thing you buy, that makes you richer.

My Ariat cowboy boots are my favorites. I have multiple pairs, they are the most comfortable boots ever. When it's too hot outside, I switch them for flip flops.

My Favorites







My happy place. I love the desert, I love the energy here and don't even get me started on how beautiful the light is and the sunsets <3

My daily ritual 5 days a week. 

I definitely like dressing up for weddings and parties, but nothing beats wearing denim and plaid. I guess you can say that I'm a cowgirl at heart.