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A GPS tracker for your dog: for dog parents

When Keira was a puppy she was such a little hunter. She chased anything in the park or forest and I had my fair share of moments of panic when she’d be gone for quite some time.
So when we got Bash, I instantly purchased a GPS tracker. Just in case he turned out to be the same. Now Bash is very well behaved and stays close to me almost always or at least within a certain distance where I’ll be able to hear or see him. So I haven’t needed the tracker just yet but I’m saving it just in case since it will be great for Keira too as she’s losing her hearing and eye sight due to her age and it’ll be perfect to use for her too when needed.

My dad uses the trackers all the time though for his dogs and he’s loved using it. When his dogs get spooked, he can instantly track them on his phone to see where they are and the app is very accurate!
The one we both have is from Tractive. I did a ton of research beforehand and kept coming back to this one. It’s small, lightweight so perfect for smaller dogs too and the subscription that you need to use it with the app on your phone is very reasonably priced too.
I’ve bumped into so many people who were looking for their lost dogs over the years and found a few lost dogs too and this little device will just give you so much peace of mind. I know I’m glad we have ours even though we don’t need it currently!

We are in no way affiliated with Tractive, I’m writing this blog simply we have great experiences using this device in our family.

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